For the past decade, I have attended a variety of amazing leadership conferences all and heard a lot of powerful leadership speakers empowering emerging and seasoned leaders for success. In addition to these transformational leadership experiences, I have also been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a guest speaker at hundreds of leadership events nationally. Throughout this journey as a speaker and a student of leadership, I have rarely heard leadership speakers, consultants, and experts really focus on the power of leading with humility.
I believe that few people have talked about leading with humility because there are several other leadership principles that need to be addressed first. Leading with humility seems to be one of those overlooked leadership gems that people need to hear about but rarely is the focus during various leadership events. Another reason I believe that leading with humility does not get the attention it deserves is because some people view humility as being weak, soft spoken, timid, and reserved. Due to a lack of knowledge, people fail to experience the power of leading with humility because they have the wrong perspective about what it means to lead with humility.
In the midst of people overlooking this important leadership concept, bestselling author Jim Collins talks about the power of leading with humility in his bestselling book, From Good to Great. He effectively articulates that leading with humility is considered to be one of the top leadership qualities of a highly successful leader. After years of research on discovering the qualities that separate good leaders from great leaders, Mr. Collins found that leading with humility was one of the top leadership characteristics of great leaders. I believe that leading with humility is one of the top leadership characteristics because it protects leaders from the negative experiences that accompany arrogance, personal entitlement, and a notoriously bad ego.
In order to experience the power of leading with humility, I believe emerging and seasoned leaders must develop a deeper understanding of this leadership concept and must commit themselves to the process of evolving into a leader of humility. According to leadership expert Kenneth Blanchard, a leader with humility is someone who is more focused on the vision and people they serve as opposed to themselves. When a leader is leading with humility, they are going to be more focused on accomplishing the vision, on witnessing the positive transformation of those around them, and on letting the work that they accomplish do the talking for them.
When a leader expresses humility within their area of expertise, they will become not only more productive as a leader, but more effective at empowering, inspiring, and positively helping those around them as well!

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