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Leadership Insights


Just two weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to serve as the keynote speaker for the NODA Regional 8 Conference in Philadelphia, PA.  My conference experience as the keynote speaker for this regional conference was not only incredibly awesome, but the students and advisors who were in attendance were also amazing.  The task I […]

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This past weekend, the Circle of Change Leadership Experience leadership team and I had the opportunity to partner with San Jose State University and host our first Regional Leadership Conference in San Jose, California.  The theme of this transformational leadership conference was Discover, Develop, and Deploy.  Our goal for this one-day leadership conference was to […]

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R.E.D. Leadership

R.E.D. Leadership is Dr. Joshua Fredenburg’s newest leadership book that is not only separated with three distinct sections that revolve around retention, engagement, and leadership development, but more importantly, within these different sections, Dr. Fredenburg provides fifteen strategic keys that organizational leaders from any area of expertise can implement to experience an increase in the retention, engagement, and development of culturally diverse world class leaders of the emerging generation. To learn more click Redleadershipbook.com

Circle of Change Leadership Conference

Hundreds of student leaders and young professionals from across the country will empowered, motivated, impacted, and inspired by top executives, speakers, and leadership experts at the Circle of Change Virtual Career Leadership Experience that is taking place November 20-22, 2020 and December 4-6, 2020 at the California State University, Fullerton. For more information on this life changing event virtual leadership experience, click Circle of Change website!

Future Leaders Conference

The Future Leaders Virtual Conference is a two-day virtual experience that provides new students, sophomore students, and transfer students that are planning to attend a community college, trade school, college, or university with a set of valuable tools that will help them succeed in college and beyond, maximize their collegiate experience, develop more resiliency, and successfully navigate through the challenges that will be presented because of COVID-19 as a virtual/hybrid college student. To learn more click Future Leaders Conference.