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My name is Joshua Fredenburg and I have not only served as a keynote speaker, trainer, workshop presenter, and facilitator on leadership in 45 different states and 2 countries reaching more than 1,000,000 emerging and seasoned leaders worldwide, but I have written multiple leadership books, created an award winning national leadership conference for student leaders, and I am in the process of attaining my doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in June ’19.


The sole purpose of Mr. Leadership is to provide emerging and seasoned leaders from various areas of expertise with leadership insight, wisdom, and advice that will enable them to lead more effectively and make a positive impact in your community, nation, and world!


Connect with me on other social media platforms, enjoy the new articles that will be posted every two weeks, share with others, and most importantly, use the information provided to make a greater impact in the world as a leader of the 21st Century!


Leadership Insights

Inspirational Leadership! – Moving Your Team from Apathy to Full Engagement!

In November 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as a keynote speaker for a Fall Student Leadership Conference at the University of North Georgia. My keynote presentation for this leadership conference was entitled, “Re-Defining Leadership in the 21st Century”. Throughout the sixty-minute keynote presentation,

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Inclusive Leadership

During the first week of December, I had the incredible opportunity to attend and serve as a guest speaker at the NASPA Leadership Educators Institute in Orlando, Florida on Inclusive Leadership.  As I expected, the conference not only consisted of amazing professionals, but it was great to connect with so many awesome people doing outstanding […]

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